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Is your spouse being difficult over custody? Should you be too?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Family Law

Not everyone is happy about getting divorced. Sometimes that is because they are a difficult person, other times it is because they are scared.

If your spouse is unhappy, they could make divorcing and co-parenting difficult. You could, of course, choose to react in kind by also being difficult, but that might not be best for you or your kids.

First, you need to work out why your spouse is acting this way

If your spouse has always manipulated you, abused you or reacted badly to things that don’t go their way, then trying to play nice is unlikely to work. If they typically succeed in getting what they want, it might be best to leave your attorney to speak on your behalf and avoid direct contact with your spouse.

Once you get the custody agreement in place, there are again ways to minimize your dealings, such as insisting that all contact is through email or conducting the handover of kids via a third party.

What if they are just scared?

Fear can cause people to kick out. If your spouse suddenly becomes stubborn, aggressive or takes a harder line than expected in divorce negotiations, it might be because they are scared about losing their kids.

Many people have no idea how divorce works and what laws will guide the judge’s decisions. Fathers, in particular, often fear that a judge will favor the mother and only allow them limited opportunities to see their children.

Anyone familiar with divorce laws will realize this is an outdated concept, and judges typically prefer both parents to continue playing a significant role in their children’s lives.

Getting legal help to understand more about child custody can help you decide when to play nice and when to act tough.