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Professional Mediation Services For Dispute Resolution In North Dakota And Minnesota

Last updated on February 13, 2024

Taking your case before a judge, and possibly a jury, may feel like your chance to be vindicated, but it is typically expensive, public, and inconvenient. Furthermore, judges and juries are human beings and can make errors no matter how strong your case may be. In other words, there is no guarantee you will win your case. Without this guarantee, many people seek other alternatives to going to trial.

Mediation offers people the opportunity to have their side of the case be heard while also empowering them to craft the solution

Ross Nilson is an experienced attorney who fights for his clients but also recognizes having a “day in court” is not the perfect solution for every case. Ross’s experience litigating cases has resulted in his involvement in many mediations. He has seen how mediation allows people to come up with their own solutions not bound by the strict legal rules and procedures found in a trial setting. He has seen it save clients time, money, and allows them to tell their side of the story. Seeing how meditations have worked for clients, has led Ross to undertake mediation training and become part of the mediation rosters in North Dakota and Minnesota.

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What is Mediation, And How Could It Work for Your Case?

Mediation with a neutral mediator at the helm can be the solution you are looking for. In mediation, an impartial mediator will facilitate voluntary, confidential, and constructive dialogue between you and the opposing party.  You will have the chance to set your own timetable and mutually determine an acceptable location for the mediation sessions. Each of you will have the opportunity to speak and be heard with all relevant paths and potential solutions on the table. Then, all parties can craft an agreement and make it enforceable without going to court.

Ross Nilson serves as a mediator for other attorneys’ clients as well as people and businesses mediating without legal counsel. As a Civil Litigation Attorney who has worked with mediators himself, Ross Nilson works to mediate and resolve disputes, including:

Our firm proudly provides service and solutions for clients in North Dakota and Minnesota, both in person and via Zoom video conferencing. We welcome attorney referrals and inquiries from people seeking alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options for their own cases.

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Dispute resolution through civil litigation, as well as through mediation, is a strong focus of Nilson Brand Law. We look forward to helping you discover the path forward as you struggle with a civil conflict of any kind.

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