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When does shoplifting become a felony crime?

As defined by North Dakota law, shoplifting is the willful taking of unpaid merchandise with the intent to deprive a store. It’s a broad term that can refer to various actions that are related to the offense, such as concealing unpaid goods, altering price tags and...

3 estate planning myths debunked

A growing issue that many people are facing is the amount of misinformation that spreads online. Myths can lead people to make uninformed decisions they later regret. One thing that people should not regret is how they make their estate plans. An estate plan allows...

What will happen to my farm if I divorce?

Managing a farm is no small undertaking. Apart from rigorous manual labor involved in raising livestock and crops, farmers must also deal with the administrative and business side of farming, such as marketing, finances, and operations. If your family runs a farm and...