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Month: August 2022

Are sobriety checkpoints legal in North Dakota?

There are several ways that police officers might encounter someone who is under the influence on the roads. Police officers monitoring traffic may notice erratic driving and conduct a one-on-one traffic stop to evaluate someone for signs of alcohol impairment. Police...

What is constructive possession?

With housing costs spiraling, you can’t afford to be picky about your roommates – so you turned a blind eye to some of their more questionable activities. You suspected that they were dealing drugs, but you figured you had “plausible deniability” as long as you didn’t...

Can you still retire after divorce?

Divorce is certainly going to impact your finances on numerous levels, and that can also have an impact on your retirement options. Remember that gray divorce is growing more common, so more and more people who are ending their marriages are close to retirement age....