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Heath Wells

Legal Assistant


Heath (rhymes with the “weath” in “weather”) grew up near Mapleton, ND and now lives in West Fargo with their husband, daughter, and two cats.  They have a penchant for skulls, brightly colored hair, and deep cut internet memes and gossip. They enjoy listening to podcasts, taking close-up nature photography, sewing, and other creative hobbies depending on their current interests.

Areas of Practice:

Heath provides a variety of support to the firm, including troubleshooting tech issues, assisting with parenting investigation cases, parenting coordinator/consultant cases, and other family law matters. They also handle front desk reception in the Fargo office. Prior to joining the firm, they provided in-depth training for legal document services. 


Heath is pursuing their associate degree in paralegal studies at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN.