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Family Law

How can you work better with your co-parent?

Working with your co-parent to ensure the children have everything they need is important. Unfortunately, not all parents are able to work as a team when they don’t agree on things. Being able to make decisions through negotiations can help you  focus on the...

5 reasons why people get divorced

You may know a few people who get happily married only to divorce shortly after. It is quite a common occurrence that may have you wondering: “What causes people to divorce? Why do people separate so early? And am I likely to get a divorce like others?” Here are five...

How can a prenuptial agreement help you?

You and your partner want to get married, and you’re excited to be together and to start a family. You have a small problem, though, in that you have much more in terms of assets than they do. As a result, you do want to protect yourself and make sure that you don’t...