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Distribution of Marijuana Still a Very Serious Crime in North Dakota

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Criminal Defense

A Very Serious Crime While marijuana laws in North Dakota and around the country have become more relaxed, there are still some very serious implications if you are alleged to have illegally distributed marijuana. Distribution of Marijuana is considered a Class B Felony in North Dakota. That carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, $20,000 fine or both. What makes a Distribution of Marijuana charge scary is that there is no threshold for weight or quantity needed to reach this level of a crime.  It can be as large as a truckload or as small as a joint. Either way, it is the same level of crime.

“You can shoot and kill a police dog and face a lesser crime than Distribution of Marijuana.”

What’s as Bad as Distribution of Marijuana? To give you an idea of how serious a crime like distribution of marijuana is, I have compiled a list of other crimes considered a Class B Felony in North Dakota.  Class B Felonies include things like: Leading a Criminal Association

(1), Illegally Conducting an Enterprise (through racketeering)

(2), Manslaughter

(3), Domestic Violence of a Child under 12 (resulting in serious bodily injury)

(4), Homicide While Fleeing a Police Officer

(5), Manslaughter of an Unborn Child

(6), Kidnapping (if you release the victim prior to trial)

(7), Sexual Imposition

(8), Sexual Extortion

(9), Endangering by Fire

(10), Intentionally Causing a Catastrophe (substantial damage to 10 or more separate structures)

(11), Theft and swindle crimes that are normally north of $10,000 in damages (I won’t cite them all), Burglary

(12), Inciting a Riot

(13), Arming Rioters

(14), and Promoting a Sexual Performance by a Minor

(15). I am sure there are plenty of others that I missed but the point here is more than valid. You can shoot and kill a police dog and still face a lesser crime than Distribution of Marijuana

(16). As a dog owner who has also represented people for distributing marijuana, I admit my bias, but giving a friend a joint to smoke should always be considered lesser of a crime than killing a dog (or, for that matter, any of the aforementioned crimes.)

A Felony Conviction Can Change a Life While laws are still moving in a direction that seems to indicate less criminal penalties for marijuana, it is important to notice that not everything moves at the same pace. Individuals caught distributing marijuana, regardless of amount, still face a serious charge that can forever change their lives. If you are facing charges like this, or any other criminal charge, please reach out to our attorneys at Nilson Brand Law at (701) 786-6040 and we can confidentially and candidly discuss your situation. _____________

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