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Family Law

How can a prenuptial agreement help you?

You and your partner want to get married, and you’re excited to be together and to start a family. You have a small problem, though, in that you have much more in terms of assets than they do. As a result, you do want to protect yourself and make sure that you don’t...

What happens to the family business in divorce?

Even if a divorce is the best solution for your future, you will still likely face several complex negotiations. Discussions involving your children, property division and support issues can lead to heated debates and multi-tiered negotiations. When your property...

Co-Parenting in a COVID-19 World

Co-Parenting in COVID-19 Don’t have time to read a full blog? Here’s a Cheat Sheet: 1) When in doubt: Follow the Judgment! If you do not follow the judgment be prepared to defend yourself and explain why you didn’t follow your judgment in a court of law later. Call an...