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A common mistake that leads to prescription drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2024 | Drug Charges

Prescription drugs are technically controlled substances. Professionals need a license to recommend them or to dispense them to members of the public. Patients need legitimate prescriptions from licensed medical professionals to legally obtain many medications. Despite the controls put in place by the state, many people unintentionally break drug laws.

The average person would never dream of stealing someone else’s medication or lying to their doctor to get a prescription. However, they might still engage in behavior that puts them at risk of criminal charges. The state prosecutes people for misconduct related to prescription drugs in a variety of situations.

Some people get arrested for driving while under the influence of a prescription medication or possessing a medication without a prescription. One of the biggest risks relates to what people do with their unused medication.

It is illegal to share medication

It can cost quite a bit to acquire prescription medication. People may have to cover a copay or pay entirely out of pocket for certain drugs. If they do not use all of the medication that they received from the pharmacy, they might want to recoup their losses.

Agreeing to sell the remaining medication to a neighbor who has a prescription for a similar drug might seem reasonable. However, selling a medication to someone else is a clear violation of controlled substances laws. In fact, there does not need to be a transfer of money for someone to face charges related to drug distribution. Giving the medication to a co-worker or family member could also lead to criminal charges.

The risk of prosecution is particularly high if the party who takes the medication abuses it. Certain medications have a strong association with intentional abuse. The other person could potentially commit a crime while under the influence or overdose. Either of those scenarios could lead to intense scrutiny by law enforcement.

The state can theoretically prosecute someone for sharing their medication with others, regardless of whether there was any financial gain. Those facing drug charges over seemingly innocent actions may need help establishing a defense strategy. Fighting back against prescription drug charges can help someone avoid life-altering penalties and an opportunity-limiting criminal record.