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5 reasons why people get divorced

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2022 | Family Law

You may know a few people who get happily married only to divorce shortly after. It is quite a common occurrence that may have you wondering: “What causes people to divorce? Why do people separate so early? And am I likely to get a divorce like others?”

Here are five of the biggest causes of divorce:

The couples are not committed

Some people get married because it feels like the right thing to do at the moment. Others may get married because they are having a child. Many of the reasons people get married are because everyone else wants them to. Many of these relationships do not last because the couple in the marriage lacks real motivation. 

The marriage lacks communication 

Constant arguing can be an immediate reason for couples to divorce. It can be hard to know who you married if your spouse fails to talk about their feelings. Some couples have a hard time discussing important matters like income and responsibilities. These are all signs of a failing marriage. 

The couples face financial stability

Many people go into a relationship having some kind of debt. Too much college or credit debt can make it hard to meet one’s basic needs, and that can put a tremendous strain on a marriage. Similarly, different attitudes about money that are incompatible can also make it harder for a couple to stay together.

There is substance abuse

People may find that their spouses are using excessive amounts of alcohol or drugs. Substance abuse can change your spouse’s demeanor. Some people may be using more than their income can manage, which creates additional problems.

There is domestic abuse 

Spouses may go into marriages with a lot of emotional baggage. Spouses lacking emotional control can lash out against their partners. Substance abuse can even lead to sudden verbal or physical violence, causing harm to their spouse.

There are many unique reasons for people to consider divorce. Filing for divorce can be tricky and your spouse may not agree to the decision. You may need to seek legal help if you believe it is time for a divorce.